USA West Coast 2011

Just 7 weeks to go! July 9 - Posted by Matthew In just under 7 weeks we’ll have arrived in Vancouver, unpacked our bikes, put them together again (they need to be dismantled and packed into bike bags before they can go on the plane) and set off … Continue reading
Weight is everything July 9 - Of all the things that I could be preoccupied about on our trip it’s weight that is featuring pretty highly right now. We’ll be travelling light – by which I mean mega-light, only one small pannier each. This means packing … Continue reading
Warming up July 10 - I’m the leader for today’s CycleOut ride today – part of the Bristol Pride celebrations. It’s a gentle 40 or so mile ride ending up at a joint BBQ with the Bristol Bison gay rugby club. It’s going to be … Continue reading
Must remember the sun cream July 10 - When I said ‘warming up’ I was thinking of warming up the legs – not the temperature. As it turned out the legs barely got warmed up (barely doing 12 mph today, on our trip to Hamburg it averaged 18-20 … Continue reading
It’s in the bag… July 12 - Posted by Mike …or rather they will be. The bikes that is. After much research and discussion (should we take our bikes with us, buy them there, use hard cases to transport them etc) the decision has been made. Mike … Continue reading
Cavendish does it again July 13 - We were in Paris at the end of the Tour de France last year, we grabbed Cavs attention with our Isle of Man flag (ok, it was a tea towel). He came over and signed it for us. Needless to … Continue reading
Big bags arrived July 13 - Very impressed with the speed with which our new bike carry bags have arrived. They are rather large, but we’ll need to do a few test runs packing them before the off. Unfortunately we forgot to order the road bike … Continue reading
We have a route… or we will soon July 14 - The Garmin City Navigator for North America arrived today, which means we can start to plot the detailed route. Well, actually it means that Mike can start to plot the detailed routes. I’ve done the task of finding our start … Continue reading
It’s Pride – so time for a little ride July 16 - It’s Pride Bristol today, so we’ll be marching with Pride at 12 noon. Afterwards I’m helping to staff the Cycle Out stall in Castle Park – so I hope that the drizzle stops and it dries up later (it’s forecast … Continue reading
Warmshowers people are very nice July 16 - If you’re a touring cyclist who hasn’t experienced Warmshowers (the touring cyclists equivalent to Couch Surfing for backpackers), then you should. We first tried it at Easter this year when we rode to Hamburg and back. We stayed with Klaus … Continue reading
Little green giant July 17 - They are smiling in the Isle of Man tonight, yes, Cav has done it again. A fine stage win in the Tour today plus he’s extended his lead in the green jersey competition. Fingers crossed he’ll hold onto it until … Continue reading
Uh-oh, the spelling police have found me July 17 - I admit, I have been known to make the odd ‘blooper’ with a misspelt word or incorrect punctuation. Thankfully I have a guardian spelling angel who has been known to kindly point out the error of my ways on my … Continue reading
Another thing ticked off the list July 18 - Having planned the entire route down the west coast of the USA, I’ve been pondering how best to actually get to Heathrow airport with two very large bagged-up bikes. My initial thought was to use the airport coach from Bristol, … Continue reading
Ban bad white van drivers July 19 - Well I’ve been hoping that we’d get through the next six and a bit weeks before our American holiday unscathed. Unfortunately, a very bad white van driver had other ideas today as he overtook Mike at a traffic light, turned … Continue reading
For charity, or not for charity – that is the question July 20 - When I tell people that we’re riding nearly 2000 miles for our holiday, many of them ask: “Are you doing it for charity?”. Well the answer is “No”, but the more people who ask, the more I wonder whether I … Continue reading
Prom-pt pedalling required! July 21 - We’ve been practicing some high-speed cycling today in preparation for our holiday. The only trouble is that travelling at high speed on a Transport for London (TFL) hire bike is heavy going! After work we travelled up to London for … Continue reading
Changing plans and changing weather July 23 - Today I’d intended to be visiting Coventry to see Dad, Janet and family – picking up my new bike on the way. The bike is ready, but unfortunately I’ve been engulfed in a lack-of-sleep/too-much-work wave or tiredness, so am not … Continue reading
Bike envy (Mike not me) July 24 - I am a very happy (and lucky) boy, I have a lovely new bike. We collected my titanium frame Van Nicholas Yukon today from Leisure Lakes in Cheltenham. It is beautiful and means that we both have bikes ready for … Continue reading
Belgium visitors July 26 - I know I’ve already sung the praise of Warmshowers on here (and probably will do some more once we start our trip), but I can’t not mention the guests we put up on Saturday night. Arend, Mireille and their children … Continue reading
Jam today and jam tomorrow July 26 - The temptation of picking my neighbour’s plums became too much today, so as soon as I arrived home it was out with the ladder. Next door have a very overgrown back garden, (in fact the whole house is pretty overgrown … Continue reading
New shoes July 27 - Posted by Matthew New shoes arrived today, nice shiny new Specialized road shoes – my first pair of road bike shoes for road riding. I’ve worn shoes with cleats for a while, but they’ve been mountain bike shoes, which means … Continue reading
Sweet smell of… July 28 - Sweet peas! The sudden warmth has meant they are going crazy. I’m picking bunches of sweet peas from the garden every day. They bring back memories of my brother’s wedding, I think Richmal’s aunty put two big bowls of sweet … Continue reading
Join the Bristol cycle hospitality challenge July 28 - Tonight I chaired the Bristol Bike Forum, the first time I’d managed to get to a meeting for ages. I guess it is inevitable that when you get a bunch of hardcore cyclists in a room it all gets a … Continue reading
Cycle hire sir? Visa? That’ll do nicely! July 29 - In London for the weekend – thought I’d picked up my bike hire key (it’s normally in my Oyster card holder), but I realised once at Paddington that unfortunately, I must have shoved it in the pocket of my trousers … Continue reading
A bike fairy is born July 30 - They say ‘when a bike is stolen, a fairy dies’; so I’d like to think that when you give a bike to someone ‘a fairy is born’. Hence yesterday a bike fairy fluttered into life as we met with Jane … Continue reading
25 days to go! August 1 - August has arrived which means there are just 25 days until we’re off on the journey. Ruari (who’s house-sitting for us) came round tonight for a guide to all those exciting things like how to work the dishwasher, washing machine, … Continue reading
Whatever the weather August 2 - The forecast for the American west coast for late August and September looks promising at the moment, but I think one needs to be prepared for a variety of weather. New ‘zip off’ legs trousers will provide the choice of … Continue reading
A lot of monkey business August 3 - Tonight’s CycleOut Bristol bike ride, led by Chris, took us on a ‘Gorilla hunt’. On our bikes we were able to see about 25 of the 80+ painted gorilla statues that have been placed around Bristol to celebrate Bristol Zoo’s … Continue reading
Test ride and more sleep required August 5 - Despite having had my new bike for nearly a fortnight, I have (rather depressingly) had no time to go out for a ride on it. I’ve barely had time to even touch it or even look at it lovingly. This … Continue reading
N, n, n, n, nineteen! August 6 - Eek, less than twenty days now to the off. Slightly daunted by the amount of work and non-work things that need to be done before we go. Most importantly I need to start the process of ‘bonding’ with my new … Continue reading
Rain, what a pain :0( August 7 - Well the idea of a test ride on the new bike was dashed again this weekend. Yesterday I had to focus on the dissertation so was well and truly grounded, with the exception of a swift cycle to the central … Continue reading
Pack it in … Mary Poppins has nothing on me! August 7 - Jam made and it’s still raining, so I decided to test my bag packing skills. I have to admit that my years working in a well-known supermarket chain (Every Little Helps), served me well in terms of efficient packing. Be … Continue reading
Bi-athelon Prom August 9 - So much for the ‘early to bed’ intentions, it now half past midnight and we’ve just got back from London after a lovely Prom concert (Sibelius, Grieg and another Nordic composer who has gone right out of my head just … Continue reading
A day in the life of California August 9 - My boss posted this fantastic short film made by a guy in California on my Facebook page. What is particularly amazing is that it isn’t actually a film at all, but is made up of thousands of individual photos. Take … Continue reading
Our last night at the Proms August 11 - We made our final ‘mad after work dash’ of the summer season yesterday to catch the train up to London for the late-night Prom: Steve Reich. It was fantastic (check out the clapping piece, very smart), you can see the … Continue reading
Anyone for a ‘bunt off’? August 11 - Taking shelter from the rain in ‘Look Mum No Hands’ cycle café on Old Street. Enjoying some lovely coffee, cake and the creative results of their recent ‘best bunting’ competition. Mike’s eye was drawn to the leopard print bunting, whereas … Continue reading
We’re off to the ball (well opera) August 13 - After months of keeping it a secret, it was a huge relief last night when Paul and Andy finally told Mike that his surprise birthday present is a trip to see the opera at Glyndebourne tomorrow. When they told him … Continue reading
Beach fun August 13 - Received an unexpected phone call from my brother this morning informing me that by coincidence, he was in Brighton with Julie and James. We wandered down to the beach to join them, passing the rowdy Brighton Pride celebrations on the … Continue reading
Bike test ride completed (nearly) August 15 - The London Olympic road race trial is complete (didn’t Cav do well?). I can also now confirm that the trial of my new bike is now complete – but not quite as we’d envisaged. We left Brighton in lovely morning … Continue reading
Top tourist tips win prizes August 16 - So much to do and so little time. I can hardly believe that there is barely a week to go (9 days to be precise) before we fly to Canada. We still need to sort the travel insurance and to … Continue reading
Sleepless, not quite in Seattle August 17 - So much for trying to get to bed early – it’s now well past my bed time and instead of being tucked up dreaming about our holiday I’m sitting beside Mike agreeing detailed route planning. We’ve left Vancouver, passed Mount … Continue reading
Wobble, wobble August 18 - We’re nearly half way through the detailed route planning now and Mike has had a little wobble at the thought of the challenge ahead. Ironically I think it’s me who should be having the wobble given that my daily cycle … Continue reading
Five August 19 - Just five days to go – and only three of them are work days, which means they are going to be long ones! Apart from a lot of work to finish, everything else is falling into place. I picked up … Continue reading
Cat nap August 20 - Saturday mornings in our house normally comprise of a lay in with coffee, BBC Radio 3 and the cat. Sws the cat isn’t allowed upstairs much, but we make an exception at weekends. As you can see he likes to … Continue reading
Lots done, lots to do. August 21 - We have had two very nice house guests this weekend – Dad and Janet. A very short visit but lovely never the less. I managed to draw up a poster for the Wyken_herritage_open_day part of the national Herritage Open day. … Continue reading
It’s a plan August 21 - Hooray, we’ve finished our Garmin route mapping – all we have to do now is cycle it all! In true pre-holiday fashion my body has decided to go into meltdown. A celestial-like formation of spots has emerged on my forehead. … Continue reading
It’s in the bag August 23 - Packed my bag tonight – twice. Once with the clothes I’ll be wearing on the plane out and once with my cycling outfit out. It all fits with ample room. Haven’t seen much evidence of Mike’s luggage being prepared. Hopefully … Continue reading
Blogging past my bed time August 23 - Got told off today for blogging, “When I should have been in bed asleep.” I agree – but to be fair I was in bed, just not asleep. My blog post tonight is slightly earlier (but only just). We’re just … Continue reading
Bagging it a bit late August 24 - Going on holiday has to be one of the most stressful things anyone can do – sort of moving house in miniature (very miniature when travelling by bicycle with Mike!). We’re dismantling, (well Mike is, while I hold), and packing … Continue reading
Cat neglect August 25 - The look says it all: “You’re off again, aren’t you?”. Saying goodbye to Sws the cat this morning was the worst thing about going away. I know Ruairi will look after him well – in fact Sws will probably have … Continue reading
Carry On – Terminal 5 August 25 - Our snazzy new bicycle bags are attracting lots of attention here at the airport with several people, (thankfully, not security) asking what’s in the bags? Perhaps their slightly odd shape is the cause. We came off the RailAir bus and … Continue reading
Farewell bicycles … until Vancouver (we hope) August 25 - We’ve just bidden a rather anxious farewell (and fare well), to our very precious bicycles. Hope that all that investment in costly new bicycle bags keeps them safe. At baggage drop-off we were redirected to ‘oversize baggage’. Mike doesn’t really … Continue reading
Flight delayed … August 25 - Ding boing … “Welcome to Britain … please form an orderly queue … and should you wish to leave, please form another orderly queue – over there”. Oh dear … because of a’ technical issue with the aircraft’ (what does … Continue reading
Mid-air August 26 - We finally departed the UK at 4pm (British Summer Time), three hours later than scheduled due to a ‘technical problem’ with the plane we were intended to fly on. As Mike has already mentioned, the change of plane also meant … Continue reading
Vancouver airport August 26 - We arrived (at 17.30 local time – about 01.30 in the UK)… but have our bikes? We’re waiting by the carousel to find out. Yes! They both arrived – but we haven’t opened the bags yet so I hope they … Continue reading
Arriving in Vancouver August 26 - The start of our adventure hasn’t been as smooth as we’d have liked. Firstly our flight arrived way later than we’d anticipated. Secondly the luggage firm at the airport couldn’t ship our empty bike bags to San Diego. So we … Continue reading
Breakfast in Vancouver August 26 - We’re recovering from the (very) long journey yesterday by tarrying (already,) and having a lazy breakfast in Vancouver before setting off late morning. It’s very warm here – a little cooler besides the water.
Vancouver is lovely! August 26 - We decided to postpone the start of our trip south, by heading north into downtown Vancouver – along the waterfront – lots of runners and cyclists – it’s a beautiful city and very cycle-friendly. There are huge expanses of water, … Continue reading
Welcome to The United States of America … cash or credit card? August 27 - We left Vancouver at about 11.30am. Cycle routes in the city are good but like any city you’re unfamiliar with, you end up stoping and starting to check maps and reassure yourself that you’re going in the right direction. The … Continue reading
Retail therapy – titter ye not August 27 - Those of you who know me will be aware that a) I like shopping and b) I enjoy the odd Frankie Howerd-style innuendo. As we cycled away from Vancouver yesterday through British Columbia (BC) I was spoilt for choice of … Continue reading
Summary – day 01 Vancouver to Mount Vernon (Friday 26 August) August 27 - Day 01 Vancouver to Mount VernonPosted by Mike Garmin prediction: 82.3 miles /actual: 82.97 – (also maybe 3 or 4 extra miles looking around Vancouver not counted). Avg. speed: 13.6 mph – too slow, but there was lots of stopping … Continue reading
Off to a rather unfortunate start this morning August 27 - The Tulip Inn at Mount Vernon was nice – a spacious room, en suite bathroom and free wi-fi, so Mike could get a Radio 3 fix. Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer doesn’t permit the listen again service overseas, (bloody hell – we … Continue reading
Sleepy in Seattle August 28 - We’ve arrived in Seattle – another beautiful day to be cycling, with clear blue skies and warm temperatures. The route has been a bit mixed, with some really quiet roads running parallel to the Interstate highway and then some quite … Continue reading
Train spotter August 28 - Quite a lot of our route so far has been running alongside railway tracks. After bicycles and aeroplanes, the train is the next favourite transport thing on Mike’s list of OCD transport obsessions, (he likes trams, rapid-transit subway systems, gliders, … Continue reading
Starbucks start to the day August 28 - It’s a bit foggy in Seattle this morning. In fact it was sunny when we left Aaron’s house, but as we dropped down into the valley and towards the coast the fog started to envelop us. It will probably burn … Continue reading
Summary – day 02 Mount Vernon to Seattle (Saturday 27 August) August 28 - Day 02 Mount Vernon to SeattlePosted by Mike Estimate: 68.7 actual: 75.43 We took some detours to avoid busy roads and then we had a bit of messing about in Seattle – all added some extra miles. Avg speed: 13.2 … Continue reading
Ghostbusters August 29 - Some readers of this blog may have detected a slight difference of writing style in some recent posts. This can be explained by a ghost writer, one – I might add – who was initially quite dismissive of this blog! … Continue reading
Supermarket Sweep August 29 - As is usually the case on our holidays, we’re having much fun touring the aisles of local supermarkets. We’re not doing as well as my nephew Toby, who on a recent trip to France played ‘supermarket bingo’ and attempted to … Continue reading
Summary – day 03 Seattle to Centralia (Sunday 28 August) August 29 - Day 03 Seattle to CentaliaPosted by Mike Estimate: 80 miles, actual: 78.55 milesAvg speed: 15.6 mph – hurray, over target for the first time this holiday.Cumulative distance: 236.97 miles It’s Sunday and Aaron was having a lie-in, so we didn’t … Continue reading
In Timberland August 30 - No, not the shoes and clothing store, but Washington state logging country. This morning’s ride from Centralia took us through vast timber plantations – mainly poplar and giant pines. We’d been advised in advance to be careful of the large … Continue reading
Summary – day 04 – Centralia to Portland (Monday 29 August) August 30 - Day 04 – Monday – Centralia to PortlandPosted by Mike Estimate: 97 miles, actual: 110.1 miles – had to use a diversion in Longview and looked around Portland when we arrived, so that added on some miles.Avg speed: 15.8 mph … Continue reading
Lunch in Portland August 30 - Having a wonderful ‘rest day’ in Portland – the USA’s capital of cycling. Lots of cyclists and runners, (making Mike very happy) – so he’s not actually been resting, he went out running at 8 am. Also lots of on-street … Continue reading
Gardens in Portland August 31 - We’re leaving Portland this morning and heading west towards the Pacific. We had a lovely rest day wandering around Portland, it is a city with a great vibe and some lovely green spaces. We visited the Rose Garden and Japanese … Continue reading
Summary – day 05 – Portland to Portland (Tuesday 30 August) August 31 - Day 05 – Portland (Tuesday 30 September)Rest day – no cyclingPosted by Mike We arrived at Roberto’s and Larry’s at around 6.30pm. They live in a gorgeous house in the Irvington district of NE Portland, (Downtown is about a 20 … Continue reading
We have followers! August 31 - As Mike has mentioned previously, we’ve been amazed by the number of hits the blog has been getting every day. Today we were even more amazed by something. As we cycled away from Roberto’s house into Portland city centre on … Continue reading
Significant Others September 1 - There is a saying in the UK, usually referring to women and their dads, that they are likely to ‘marry their fathers’. In these increasingly progressive days of civil partnerships, I think that this phrase is increasingly relevant for gay … Continue reading
The power of nature September 2 - Today has been our first full day of cycling on route 101 along the Pacific Ocean. You don’t have to travel far to be reminded of the power of the sea and wind. In Neskowin, our port for last night, … Continue reading
Summary – day 06 – Portland to Neskowin (Wednesday 31 August) September 2 - Day 06 – Wednesday – Portland to NeskowinPosted by Mike Estimate: 97.6 miles, actual: 92.63 miles – result! Well done Garmin, (actually a little less than expected because we’re not cycling from Sauvie Island where we were originally planning to … Continue reading
Eating for England! September 2 - Before we set off, when telling people about our trip lots of people would say “Why do you want to cycle 1800 miles?” There are clearly many reasons: the thrill of travelling, seeing sights we’d miss if travelling in a … Continue reading
Summary – day 07 – Neskowin to Florence (Thursday 1 September) September 2 - Day 07 – Thursday – Neskowin to FlorencePosted by Mike Estimate: 87.8 miles, actual: 88.88 miles Avg speed: 16.7 mph – our fastest day yet – I think the tailwind might have helped us today a little though! Cumulative distance: … Continue reading
Summary – day 08 – Florence to Port Orford (Friday 2 September) September 3 - Summary – day 08 – Florence to Port Orford (Friday 2 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 98.6 miles, actual: 103 miles Avg. speed: 15.7 mph – not bad, given the wind Cumulative distance: 631.49 miles Our hotel in Florence, the River … Continue reading
Air-con for bikes September 4 - Cars in the USA are huge. Almost every one that passes is an SUV (the equivalent of Land Rover in the UK). Of course they’re fitted with all mod cons including air-conditioning – but who needs all that expense? As … Continue reading
Just one of those days! September 4 - Every holiday has them – the days that don’t go to plan or the off-day. The days that you’d quite like to delete. This was one of them. Today should have been an excellent day, beginning with the final 40 … Continue reading
Summary – day 09 – Port Orford to Klamath (Saturday 3 September) September 4 - Summary – day 09 – Port Orford to Klamath (Saturday 3 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 102 miles, actual: 100.9 milesAvg. speed: 13.2 mphCumulative distance: 732.39 miles Today has been quite challenging. We didn’t want to hang about in Port Orford, … Continue reading
Cycling with giants September 5 - Today has been our longest day’s ride so far and the longest of our trip. 122 miles covered today from the foggy coast of north California to the sun-dappled giant redwoods. The final 30 miles were along the Avenue of … Continue reading
Summary – day 10 – Klamath to Miranda (Sunday 4 September) September 6 - Summary – day 10 – Klamath to Miranda (Sunday 4 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 131 miles, actual: 122 milesAvg. speed: 15.2 mphCumulative distance: 854.39 miles Our first night in California, the ‘sunshine state’. Perhaps inevitably, it’s foggy, damp and rather … Continue reading
Riding high September 6 - Our day began with the final few miles of the Avenue of the Giants. The scent from the redwoods and the wild fennel was almost enough to give us a natural high for the rest of the day. The sun … Continue reading
Fighting the muffin-top September 6 - Americans are well known for their big hospitality, they are also renowned for their large portion sizes! The global rise in food prices does not appear to have dampened the American desire for ‘super-size’ portions. In a recent interview, the … Continue reading
Summary – day 11 – Miranda to Fort Bragg (Monday 5 September – Labour day) September 6 - Summary – day 11 – Miranda to Fort Bragg (Monday 5 September – Labor day)Posted by Mike Estimate: 89 miles, actual: 81.4 milesAvg. speed: 13.9 mph – two epic climbs today and b****y hot!Cumulative distance: 935.79 miles Breakfast at Miranda … Continue reading
Union Lumber Company Fort Bragg September 6 - An audio boo from Fort Bragg and some pictures of the former Union Lumber Company Department Store.
Summary – day 12 – Fort Bragg to Sea Ranch (Tuesday 6 September) September 7 - Summary – day 12 – Fort Bragg to Sea Ranch (Tuesday 6 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 65 miles, actual: 70.62 milesAvg. speed: 15.0 mphCumulative distance: 1,006.41 miles – we’ve gone through 1,000 miles – well over half-way now. About 800 … Continue reading
Old men’s beards and naked ladies September 8 - As we’ve already established on this blog, Mike is a bit of a train spotter. The sound of an American train horn blaring or level crossing bell clanking cause his ears prick up! It’s now time to out myself as … Continue reading
Summary – day 13 – Sea Ranch to San Francisco (Wednesday 7 September) September 8 - Summary – day 13 – Sea Ranch to San Francisco (Wednesday 7 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 113 miles, actual: 111.0 milesAvg. speed: 13.8 mphCumulative distance: 1,117.41 miles A long hot day today, but also the best day’s riding for scenery … Continue reading
Yarns from the city September 8 - We’ve arrived in San Francisco and have two days off to explore. Our warm showers hosts Heidi and Martin gave us a very warm welcome indeed. A fantastic meal was waiting for us and for the four young Mexican guys … Continue reading
Summary – day 14 – Tales of the City … (Thursday 8 September) September 9 - Day 14 – San FranciscoPosted by Mike We’re staying in the Richmond area of San Francisco, very close to the Golden Gate Park. We’re going to explore the park later today after we’ve visited a local bike shop to ask … Continue reading
Pant-tastic September 9 - Enjoying a leisurely lunch in the Castro. We’ve also done some window-shopping, (although no purchases are allowed until San Diego). We found a lovely underwear shop where the answer to my ‘muffin-top’ dilemma appears to have been resolved. These rather … Continue reading
Summary – day 15 – Further Tales from the City … (Friday 9 September) September 10 - Summary – day 15 – Further Tales from the City … (Friday 9 September, San Francisco)Posted by Matthew We’ve been enjoying San Francisco’s gay and lesbian heritage today in the Castro. We dropped our bicycles in to a cycle store … Continue reading
Sure of You September 10 - We worked out our final cycle route for today last night using the Garmin/Google map combo. It looks like it will be a wonderful ride on route 35, then Highway 1 all along the coast from San Francisco to near … Continue reading
Priscilla, Queen of the Pacific September 11 - Being on a long road trip often brings to mind ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, the movie about three drag queens travelling across the Australian outback in a converted bus. Clearly we don’t have a bus and we are not … Continue reading
Summary – day 16 – San Francisco to Seaside (Monterey) (Saturday 10 September) September 11 - Summary – day 16 – San Francisco to Seaside (Monterey) (Saturday 10 September)Posted by Mike Estimate: 125.84 miles, actual: 121.84 milesAvg. speed: 12.8 mphCumulative distance: 1,243.45 miles We woke early, as usual, but I’m managing to sleep a little longer … Continue reading