Vancouver is lovely!

We decided to postpone the start of our trip south, by heading north into downtown Vancouver – along the waterfront – lots of runners and cyclists – it’s a beautiful city and very cycle-friendly. There are huge expanses of water, lots of parks, tall modern buildings in downtown and the suburbs have lots of tree-lined streets with cycle lanes almost everywhere.

We’ll leave Canada for the USA , today – it’s a shame that we’re not here for longer … I’d definitely come back again.

4 thoughts on “Vancouver is lovely!

  1. If you went to downtownVancouver you would have seen all the trees I had planted forty years ago and the seats which I also inserted onto the Downtown plans. great to be following your trip. Look after yourselves. KX

  2. It’s so good to know that you’re following our progress. I didn’t think that you had the link! Glad you have. The city authorities in Vancouver have extended the work that you started … More benches and trees and fantastic bicycle stands with ‘Bike Vancouver’ cut into them. It was a shame that I didn’t get to see you again after your book launch celebration and before we left, a ride over to Cardiff and back would have done me good! Let’s catch up after I’m back. Matthew will be in Cardiff on some Mondays next term (his last term at Cardiff), so we should make an arrangement.

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