Another thing ticked off the list

Having planned the entire route down the west coast of the USA, I’ve been pondering how best to actually get to Heathrow airport with two very large bagged-up bikes. My initial thought was to use the airport coach from Bristol, but it appears that they have a ‘no bike’ policy! And Bristol is supposed to be an official cycling city! Someone did tell me that it is up to the driver whether they’ll let people on with their bikes. I decided that I’d rather not take the risk of missing a trip of a lifetime because of being stranded at Marlborough Street bus station in Bristol! So I have opted for the train to Reading with a little bit of airport bus, (which apparently does allow bikes as luggage) to Heathrow. Not sure how I feel about the fact that the cost of getting to Heathrow is 10% of the cost of the flight ticket – I’m pretty much certain it isn’t 10% of the distance! Is it a case of ‘rip off Britain’ or are airplanes seriously under taxed – or both? Anyway, at least I can relax a bit now knowing that the last bit of our journey plans are arranged.

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