Top tourist tips win prizes

So much to do and so little time. I can hardly believe that there is barely a week to go (9 days to be precise) before we fly to Canada. We still need to sort the travel insurance and to test packing and unpacking the bike bags in their carry cases. We also need to contact our wonderful Warmshowers hosts again to check that they are still ok to accommodate us. I can feel a ‘to do’ list coming on!

I know that it’s probably a bit late to be asking this question, (and I probably won’t have time to do many of them) but any top suggestions for a USA west coast cyclist gratefully received. So far I’ve been advised to stop by at Hearst Castle, savour the giant redwoods and try a particular chip shop – can you suggest anything else? Who knows, there might be a small prize for the the best (i.e. my favourite) suggestion.

7 thoughts on “Top tourist tips win prizes

  1. Pick up some MarketSpice tea in Seattle’s Pike Place Market ( I know you like a bit of architecture – the Seattle Public Library probably wouldn’t be on most “must see” lists but I found it to be remarkable. Presumably you could arrange to pass a winery or two on the way to San Francisco. If you want to relive the Exploratory, the Exploratorium in San Francisco (

  2. Hi Matthew
    We have just returned from California, such an amazing experience, although we did not travel north to south (we stayed at SF then travelled south to Monteray then headed east toYosemite
    ) , we did travel on route 1 from Bodega Bay (where Hitchcock filmed The Birds) down to SF on our return, the scenery was amazing, stopping off at Nick’s beach and Stinson Beach, highly recommended.Also at Monteray there is a 17 mile Drive, again through amazing scenery.

    • If we do it will because we’re too tired – didn’t get to bed until 1.30am. Mike says ‘hasn’t she got anything better to do at this time in the morning’ – you can tell he’s got his ‘holiday head’ on!

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