Lots done, lots to do.

We have had two very nice house guests this weekend – Dad and Janet. A very short visit but lovely never the less. I managed to draw up a poster for the Wyken_herritage_open_day part of the national Herritage Open day. If you’re passing through Coventry on the 10/11 September why not drop in and see Coventry’s oldest building. There will also be crafts and refreshments available. Alas I won’t be able to go as I’ll be in San Francisco that weekend!

Even with visitors I’ve managed to check off a few more things from my ‘to do’ list. Collect train tickets – tick, print of coach tickets from Reading to Heathrow – tick, return pannier covers to Evans Cycles (didn’t know which size when I purchased them online) – tick, sort out how to use our mobile phones cheaply in the USA – tick (actually Mike did this one) – but there still seems loads to do, especially work stuff. I did some work on Friday night at home and then woke up really early this morning and so ended up doing some more then. I suppose I should really calm down, if it doesn’t get done, it will just have to wait for me to do it when I get back – neither Voscur or the voluntary sector in Bristol will grind to a halt because I go on holiday!

One thing that I though would be all done and dusted was the new garden pond. Unfortunately when I filled it up yesterday I discovered that the builder has manage to create a slopeing pond :0( The water is obviously level but the pond line is above the top of the water by about two inches on the side where you see it (if it had been the other way round it wouldn’t have mattered). This means that the whole thing will probably need to be relined – the first lining is cemented in so will be a right pain to get out. Any suggestions? I wonder if it is possible to just paint a waterproof seal at the top that would bond to the liner. I’m glad I’ve not paid the builder yet, but I don’t like having these conversations – I’m not a natural complainer and don’t like confrontation.

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