25 days to go!

August has arrived which means there are just 25 days until we’re off on the journey. Ruari (who’s house-sitting for us) came round tonight for a guide to all those exciting things like how to work the dishwasher, washing machine, boiler, TV etc. “Good luck with the TV” is what I say, what with two remote controls, nother for the separate surround-sound, another for the DVD, blu-ray and another for the hard disk recorder … I’ve barely manage to work out how to turn the TV on – let alone record something, (Mike edit: *sigh*). I think we’ll be writing lots of lists of instructions, as tonight’s whistle-stop tour was quite a lot for Ruari to take in.

August also means that it’s nearly my birthday, just 30 minutes to go, (well 9hrs 30 mins if we want to be precise). We had a lovely pre-birthday weekend in London, it had a bit of a bike theme with trips to Condor Cycles on Grays Inn Road, ‘Look Mum No Hands’ cycle café (pictured) and a few rides on the London hire bikes. Thankfully I resisted buying the new Rapha cycle jersey in Condor Cycles as today it has been reduced by 30 per cent in the Rapha summer sale, which means 30 per cent saved that can be spent on some more lovely Rapha goodies of course!

5 thoughts on “25 days to go!

    • I can assure you there is no doubt of my family heritage – my travel garments are laid out in my study (with 23 days to go) and last night (between going to Sainsbury’s and showing a friend who’ll be house sitting for us where everything is) I baked a pavlova and a dozen meringues.

      I have just two things to say to you:

      1. ‘The versatility of eggs’ – what kind of freak are you who can’t cater for 50 unannounced guests at the drop of hat?


      2. Where is my card? It has been noted.

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