Way of the Roses, June 2013

The Way of the Roses C2C May – July 2013 May 30 - Our blog about our C2C ride from Morecambe to┬áBridlington┬ástarts here! ________________________________________________________________________
Oh to be beside the seaside May 31 - As part of our training for the ride between Chicago and Washington DC later next month we’re spending this weekend doing a sea to sea ride. Our starting point is Morecambe and out final destination is Bridlington. To be honest … Continue reading
On the balcony, with the glass window May 31 - My delusion of gliding around the Midland Hotel pretending I’m an extra in Poirot have been unceremoniously shattered. In my attempt to get a close up shot of the seahorse sculpture on the front of the hotel, we headed up … Continue reading
From cycling city to cycling town June 1 - As many readers of our blogs will know Bristol is a Cycling City, the only cycling city in fact, as it was the only UK city awarded such status before the Tory and Lib Dem government scrapped ‘Cycling England’ (the … Continue reading
The birds June 1 - Morecambe seems to have a thing for ‘bird art’. Given half a chance, they’ll stick a bird on it. The roundabout on the Promenade? Let’s put a colony of cormorants on it. The railings on the sea wall? Ditto. The … Continue reading
Cycling through the Bluebells June 1 - It has been a very cold spring, the coldest for 50 years in fact. For most of the past three months I’ve been cursing the cold (Leo’s do not like the cold), but today is a reason to celebrate it. … Continue reading
Bike bugs June 2 - Yesterday was a lovely cycle ride from Morecambe to Skipton, lovely scenery from the beach, along the River Lune, up over moor and down dale – all accompanied by spring sunshine. In fact it was all going too well. We … Continue reading
On the hunt for York Minster’s Bosses June 2 - It’s the end of cycling day two and we’ve arrived in the charming city of York. Whenever I visit places like this where the layers of history are still evident in the architecture and street patterns I think about how … Continue reading
When in York … have your teeth done June 2 - Someone really needs to have a word with the York Tourist Board. Whilst credit should go to them for the lovely hard back guide in our bedroom highlighting what to do in York, whoever sells the advertisement space for this … Continue reading
The blind leading the blind June 2 - Following my recent encounter with a floor to ceiling glass window I’m perhaps not the best person to be commenting on other people’s vision. When we checked into the hotel earlier, Mike holding the room key first boldly led us … Continue reading
The tourist trail June 3 - Day three, and what a glorious day three it is. The sun is out and there isn’t a cloud in the sky – perfect for our final stage ride to Bridlington, where we shall dip our wheels in the North … Continue reading
Dipping our wheels June 3 - There is a tradition for coast to coast cyclists to dip their bike wheels in the sea a the start and finish of the trip. When I say it’s a tradition, what I mean is Mike tells me it is … Continue reading
We made it June 3 - The sun has shone on us for three whole days – really adding to the pleasure of riding the Way of the Roses coast to coast route. We went a bit off course in the middle due to the visit … Continue reading

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