For charity, or not for charity – that is the question

When I tell people that we’re riding nearly 2000 miles for our holiday, many of them ask: “Are you doing it for charity?”. Well the answer is “No”, but the more people who ask, the more I wonder whether I should.

If I did do it for charity, I’d have to choose a worthy cause. There are two that spring to mind. Number one: the Southville Centre, (of which I’m chair of trustees). The Centre is twenty years old this year and there are plenty of bits that need some love and attention. It would be mainly fundraising for the ‘un-sexy’ bits, (such as the glass roof lantern, new door etc) – the bits that are really necessary to enable all the fun stuff and community development stuff to happen.


The second one I would probably go for is MacMillan nurses. I have a good friend who is having a rough time with cancer at the moment. I know that the MacMillan nurses have been a great help to her, it would be nice to be able to thank them in some way.

So if I do ride for charity, the other question is – would anyone sponsor me? I can’t answer that one … over to you!

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