Northumberland 2015

Northumberland 2015 March 29 - Our trip to Northumberland to celebrate our first wedding anniversary begins here!
It’s time for our honeymoon (only one year late!) March 29 - It’s been a busy year, what with welcoming a new member of the family (our puppy, Zoly) and our wedding – we didn’t get around to having any kind of holiday in 2014. We even managed to get married without … Continue reading
Welcome to Northumberland, March-April 2015 March 29 - This is our first proper holiday for more than twelve months. We’ve had weekend breaks but not a whole week off work together, just us and the dog. Will our one year old (today) marriage survive this new experience? Only time … Continue reading
Bark-gain books March 29 - It has to be said that there isn’t an awful lot to do in Alnwick on a showery Palm Sunday. After a quick coffee, (but no soya milk available – Mike was not happy about that), a whizz around the … Continue reading
Beach Boys March 30 - We have been very fortunate in our decision to head north east for our holiday. While Bristol (and most of the rest of the country) seem to have been battered by wind and rain since the weekend, we’ve had mostly … Continue reading
Agent orange March 30 - There is absolutely no doubt that this is a beautiful part of the world and I can see the appeal of living here. I like to have a little nose in the estate agents’ windows to see what’s on the … Continue reading
Summary day 2 – Alnmouth to Embleton – return by bus March 30 - The weather forecast today was for a fine, blustery morning with rain in the late afternoon – probably around 4 or 5. We decided to walk up the coast from Alnmouth to Dunstanburgh Castle then on to Embleton to catch … Continue reading
When the wind blows March 31 - What a night, they said it would be windy and they were not wrong. It huffed and it puffed and certainly tried to blow the Huffy House down. Fortunately it’s a sturdy stone building so we were safe inside from … Continue reading
The election campaign stutters into life March 31 - The general election here in the Berwick constituency has got off to a flying start. Well when I say flying, I mean flying in the kind of way of those people who dress up in fancy dress with wings attached … Continue reading
Summary day 3 – Warkworth and Alnwick (again) March 31 - The forecast for today was for very high winds for most of the day along with a fine-ish morning then a blustery and showery afternoon. We decided to postpone our original plans to go to Rothbury to visit the gardens at Cragside … Continue reading
Summary day 4 – Cragside April 1 - Yesterday’s planned trip to Cragside, William Armstrong’s country house near Rothbury was postponed to today since the weather looked better. It’s only 15 miles from Alnmouth to Cragside, but getting there by public transport wasn’t particularly straightforward. There was a … Continue reading
E(R)-mail April 2 - Not much blog writing for me yesterday – too busy writing postcards. You see, I’m an old-fashioned boy at heart. As much as I embrace the wonders of social media, I enjoy nothing better than receiving good old-fashioned ‘snail mail’. I … Continue reading
Spring watch April 2 - I’m very fortunate in my job that I get to be outside quite a bit. The downside is that I am often travelling quite long distances to be in some picturesque canalside location. It dies mean that I get to … Continue reading
Summary day 5 – Durham, Blanchland and Castleside April 2 - We took the train from Alnmouth to Durham this morning. We’d arranged to visit cousin Catherine, uncle Malcolm and aunt Sheila this afternoon  and we were meeting Malcolm outside Durham cathedral at 12:30. There was a 9:00 train arriving in … Continue reading
Summary day 6 – what to do?! April 3 - Today we planned to go up to Holy Island – it’s Good Friday and it would be a nice place to be today. However, the rain was tipping down, it’s a bank holiday so the already meagre bus services are … Continue reading
Summary day 7 – heading home April 5 - We had a wonderful (late) honeymoon in Northumberland – and like on our wedding day, the weather has been kind to us. While there were stories from the rest of the country of storms and torrential rain – we mostly … Continue reading

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