Bike test ride completed (nearly)

The London Olympic road race trial is complete (didn’t Cav do well?). I can also now confirm that the trial of my new bike is now complete – but not quite as we’d envisaged. We left Brighton in lovely morning sunshine, but it became more cloudy as we made our way to Winchester. Leaving Winchester after lunch was when the weather all started to go awry; we thought we were skirting around the rain as we headed over Salisbury Plain, but unfortunately we were heading right into it. The spots turned to drizzle, then the drizzle turned to rain, then the rain turned to low clouds and heavy rain. We clocked up 107 miles from Brighton to Warminster, but then decided to abandon the cycling and catch the train from Warminster back to Bristol (it’s only 4 stops). Mike had forgotten his rain coat, so was soaked to the skin and shivering by the time we arrived in Warminster – I had to resort to emergency fruit buns and a cheap towel from Lidl! Even though we didn’t make the 130 miles home I feel no shame; 107 is still further than most of the distance we have to ride each day in the USA and I was carrying a big bag today too – much heavier than my holiday luggage. One thing is certain, I will sleep well tonight!

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