N, n, n, n, nineteen!

Eek, less than twenty days now to the off. Slightly daunted by the amount of work and non-work things that need to be done before we go. Most importantly I need to start the process of ‘bonding’ with my new bike. Hope to go out for a ride this weekend and some time next week too. Next weekend we’ll be cycling back from Brighton so that will be a good long ride test – hope the weather is kind to us.

The other big challenge for this week is to try and break the 12 stone barrier – below 12 stone that is. I’ve been lingering at 12.1 for a few weeks now and would really like to get to 11 something before we set off. I think that earlier nights, more water and a decent meal plan are needed to help me achieve this goal. Our meal times have gone to pot with so much going on at work. I’m also pondering whether I should take up the offer to try out running with Mike – however, this may need to happen after dark as I’m very self conscious about displaying my gangly body to the general public while I’m out running! So watch out if you’re about after the sun has gone down – you never know what might be heading towards you!

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