Significant Others

There is a saying in the UK, usually referring to women and their dads, that they are likely to ‘marry their fathers’. In these increasingly progressive days of civil partnerships, I think that this phrase is increasingly relevant for gay couples too.

Actually, I have thought for some time that I ‘married my dad’. Not literally, of course, (that would be very odd) and in fact not even technically, as Mike and I are not married or civil-partnered; but after 17 years together I think we’re ‘as good as’. When I say ‘marry my dad’, I mean that Mike and my Dad seem to share a lot of similar interests: engineering marvels (especially transport-related) such as steam and high-speed trains; planes airbus vs Boeing, the beauty of Concorde, trams (and th lack of them in UK cities); computers: they can talk about spreadsheets – yes, they talk about Excel spreadsheets! On many occasions!!  All that has always been more-or-less apparent, but it now seems that not only have I ‘married my dad’, it also appears that I’ve ‘married my aunty’ too! Aunt Janet can barely take two steps down the street before she’s struck up a conversation with a complete stranger and found out half their life story. Since we left the UK I can’t leave Mike for five minutes before he, too, has become engaged in conversation with complete strangers – and it’s getting worse.

Since we crossed the border into the USA, he has become very adept at working ‘The Blog’ into any conversations with strangers. I’m wondering if he’s working on commission for WordPress! This is all a bit strange for someone who often says ruefully that he is an introvert and anti-social. Not that I’m complaining about his new found sociability – I’m simply observing it. It’s quite nice to have things that remind you of people you love all wrapped up in your lifetime companion. However, if you’re on the USA west coast this week looking for peace and tranquility, beware – there is a talkative British cyclist on the move!

2 thoughts on “Significant Others

  1. Good to see that others have the gift of striking up a conversation with strangers, it’s a gift (not that I’m nosey) xx Janet

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