Bi-athelon Prom

So much for the ‘early to bed’ intentions, it now half past midnight and we’ve just got back from London after a lovely Prom concert (Sibelius, Grieg and another Nordic composer who has gone right out of my head just now). (Mike edit:- it was Karl Neilson’s symphony no. 4 – the ‘Inextinguishable’). The journey from the Albert Hall back to Paddington proved to be more exciting, (or should that be stressful), than we’d imagined. Mike’s bike key wouldn’t unlock a bike, I managed to unlock one at the second docking station in Hyde Park. So Mike said he’d run back to Paddington, (he’s quite a good runner these days) (Mike edit:- aw shucks, thanks!), while I cycled.

All well until Paddington and the nearest two docking stations were full! This was especially ironic as they were empty when we wanted to take bikes when we arrived earlier in the evening. I eventually had to cycle to a third docking station quite a way from the railway station, but I could at least tell from my iPhone app. that there were spaces at that one. It was then a case of sprinting back to Paddington and making the train with moments to spare. While I think that potentially I could be ok at running, I don’t think it is an advisable sporting activity to undertake when carrying a cycle pannier and wearing a rain mac.

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