Flight delayed …

Ding boing … “Welcome to Britain … please form an orderly queue … and should you wish to leave, please form another orderly queue – over there”.

Oh dear … because of a’ technical issue with the aircraft’ (what does THAT mean?), our flight has been delayed to 14.00 instead of 12.55. We have to fly on a different aeroplane and depart from a different gate, (it’s further away) … there are lots of people grumbling. Mike is alarmed about the possibility that (a) the bicycles will not be put on the right plane, and (b) that his request to be be fed vegan food while airborne will be lost … The good news is that the revised departure gate means that he can now have a go on the underground transit train and spend some more time looking out of the windows at aeroplanes … so he’s pleased about that .


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