Test ride and more sleep required

Despite having had my new bike for nearly a fortnight, I have (rather depressingly) had no time to go out for a ride on it. I’ve barely had time to even touch it or even look at it lovingly. This should all change this weekend when the inaugural ride on the Van Nicholas Yukon will take place.

With less than three weeks to go, test riding is just one thing that’s needed … the other is more sleep. Working ridiculously long days and writing a dissertation is not good for the skin. My face looks like a join the dots puzzle. Next week I’m going to try starting ‘operation early night’ in an attempt to get more sleep – fingers crossed that will do the trick.

1 thought on “Test ride and more sleep required

  1. Just been out to the bread shop (need Michael to help with the french spelling) very few cars about so Andrew is a little worried that Richmal will have him riding one of the bikes to the shop for the bread. He would need his wet weather gear to-day as it is raining again.

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