Carry On – Terminal 5

Our snazzy new bicycle bags are attracting lots of attention here at the airport with several people, (thankfully, not security) asking what’s in the bags? Perhaps their slightly odd shape is the cause. We came off the RailAir bus and were in the lift to departures and a rather severe-looking women in British Airways uniform, (although Mike wasn’t entirely sure that she was a women) glanced at our bicycle bags, looked at us and said: “That’s a lot of equipment you’ve got there!”. Ooo -err, steady on!



1 thought on “Carry On – Terminal 5

  1. Oops… thought I’d catch you before you went so VERY GOOD LUCK! I am very jealous despite the fact that you’ll be cycling further than I could ever manage. My Mum & I remain your biggest online groupies & I will definitely keep a look out for Sws if I’m passing…

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