Cycle hire sir? Visa? That’ll do nicely!

In London for the weekend – thought I’d picked up my bike hire key (it’s normally in my Oyster card holder), but I realised once at Paddington that unfortunately, I must have shoved it in the pocket of my trousers when we went to the Proms last week. Thankfully, it is now possible to use the bikes with a credit card, so with a bit of patience we were soon on our way. Still only costs £1 for 24 hours as long as you’re no more than 30 minutes on a bike at any one time.

Lots of fixed-wheeled cyclists in London, all very trendy and zippy. Michael loves them! I know it’s very bad to race, but I can’t help myself sometimes. Especially when I’m on a London cycle hire bike (they weigh a ton), I nearly beat another cyclist tonight, but a bus got in the way. Would have been no good if I’d had to stop in a hurry, once you pick up speed (which you’re not meant to of course), you’re off like a velo-missile! Back to a more sedate pace tomorrow I think.

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