Rain, what a pain :0(

Well the idea of a test ride on the new bike was dashed again this weekend. Yesterday I had to focus on the dissertation so was well and truly grounded, with the exception of a swift cycle to the central library and into town for a very quick shop and drop (needed to return some mis-fitting garments). Today it has been wet, wet, wet. Heavy shower followed by heavy shower, the only break was when I managed to dash to the recycling centre but any attempt to go out on a ride would have certainly ended with one very heavy drenching after another. Took this picture out of the window showing the looming grey clouds, the forecast looks like there will be a few more this coming week.


So what is a boy to do when he can’t go out for a ride? Obviously make more jam! The bumper fruit harvest this year is leading to some extremely cheap fruit in the shops right now. So after stocking up on bargain blueberries and super saver strawberries I set about on the latest batch of jam. I think the blueberry jam is a particular success, the strawberry is what you might call ‘very soft set’, but now I’ve run out of jars so have bowls of jam filling the fridge. Anyone local with a few empty jars going spare drop me a line – there might be a jar of jam in it for you.


4 thoughts on “Rain, what a pain :0(

  1. Hi Matthew. I have jars, if you still need them. You can season your new bike on our Wed ride; also on Sunday 14th Burnham to Bristol. Ch

    • Alas we’re catching the train on Wednesday evening to go to the Proms and next weekend we’re in Brighton so I’ll miss both rides. We’ll be cycling back from Brighton though so that will be a jolly good test ride!

  2. Rain, rain and lots more rain in France also – this only means one thing, visits to the local supermarkets ( fillled with wet through Brits.) the things that most s/markets have for sale are jam jars of every size and rather good looking kilner jars. Wiil the jam last in the fridge for another couple of weeks? But hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow, so no more trips to the s/market.

    • The offers of jam jars have already started to come in so hopefully the bowls of jam will be out of the fridge by the time you get back. Need to cut some more fabric circles though – used all the lovely gingham ones that you sent me, red and White spots next I think ;0)

      Hope that the rain drys up soon for you (but no doubt you’ll be excellent at Facebook by the time you get back – you’ll be able to give me lessons!) M x

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