Just five days to go – and only three of them are work days, which means they are going to be long ones! Apart from a lot of work to finish, everything else is falling into place. I picked up the hi-viz pannier covers today, finalised our ESTA forms last night, which means we can (hopefully) enter the USA, and have all my clothes washed and ready to pack, (that’s one of tomorrow’s jobs).

I’m hoping that I might also find some time tomorrow to tidy the garden up a bit – it’s a little dusty. Before we go across the Big Pond, we’ve a small pond to finish. I’ve put my birthday money towards having a new garden pond created. Aidan our builder has been very busy digging, cutting terecotta tiles, drilling holes and creating out new garden pond. It’s about four times bigger than the previous one and has a new water feature – which hopefully will be switched on tomorrow for the first time by two very special guests – Dad and Janet, who are making a flying visit to us before we go away – picture to follow …

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