It’s a plan

Hooray, we’ve finished our Garmin route mapping – all we have to do now is cycle it all! In true pre-holiday fashion my body has decided to go into meltdown. A celestial-like formation of spots has emerged on my forehead. I can’t decide whether they look like the Great Bear or the Plough! Either way, I hope it fades quickly. Perhaps a bit of west coast sunshine is just what is needed to rejuvenated frayed nerves and tired skin.

I’m going to pack my bag tomorrow and start wrapping my bike in pipe insulation. We’re still waiting to find out whether the foam road bike inserts for the bike bags will arrive in time. They’re due on Wednesday, if they don’t arrive I’ll be paying a visit to Fabric Land and constructing my own version! I didn’t watch Blue Peter for all those years for nothing – does anyone have an empty washing up liquid bottle I could borrow?

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