Yarns from the city

We’ve arrived in San Francisco and have two days off to explore. Our warm showers hosts Heidi and Martin gave us a very warm welcome indeed. A fantastic meal was waiting for us and for the four young Mexican guys that they’re also hosting. We’re now well fed and watered and wandering around SF.

It’s good to see that the culture here extends to graffiti knitting. In the UK this is known as yarn bombing and it is quite popular (with some) in Southville and Bedminster, the area of Bristol we live in. I’ve seen a few cycle racks in SF adorned with some colourful knits but my favourite so far was the one we spotted yesterday in Point Reyes. This little number was impressive in both its size and ruffles.

We’re off for a wander around the Castro this afternoon so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any other creatively adorned street furniture.

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