On the balcony, with the glass window

My delusion of gliding around the Midland Hotel pretending I’m an extra in Poirot have been unceremoniously shattered. In my attempt to get a close up shot of the seahorse sculpture on the front of the hotel, we headed up to the roof terrace. As part of the refurbishment/restoration of the hotel an additional level was added where the outdoor roof terrace once existed. However, the additions are sympathetic and light – lots of glass, and there’s the problem. I thought I was heading for the roof terrace through an open window, when in fact I was about to head-but a floor to ceiling piece of glass (fortunately toughened glass). Fortunately there weren’t too many people around, however there remains an interesting ‘face print smear’ of mine on the glass. I am now escorting a cut to my nose caused by my sunglasses, a bump to my forehead and knee, sore front teeth but worse of all embarrassment. More casualty extra than costume drama.


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