When in York … have your teeth done

Someone really needs to have a word with the York Tourist Board. Whilst credit should go to them for the lovely hard back guide in our bedroom highlighting what to do in York, whoever sells the advertisement space for this publication needs to go on marketing course – quick. Restaurants, bars, tourist attractions and shops are the sort of thing that you’d expect to see advertised amongst the soft glow pictures and poetic descriptions of what York has to offer. In fact I’m sure many tourists visit York for just such things. However on page 8 of the guide, just after the Minster, but before mention of the National Railway Museum, City Walls or chocolate visitor attraction is a full page advert for cosmetic dentistry. I mean really, is that what the modern tourist comes to York for? Maybe I’m out of touch and this is pitched just right at the American tourists with their pearly whites, but for me it’s just plain weird.

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