Cycling through the Bluebells


It has been a very cold spring, the coldest for 50 years in fact. For most of the past three months I’ve been cursing the cold (Leo’s do not like the cold), but today is a reason to celebrate it. The cold has held back all of the spring flowers that would normally have been and gone by the start if June. All the way along today’s route we’ve been treated to an abundance of blossoms and scents. Woods and hedgerows full of Bluebells, Wild Garlic, Cow Parsley, Lovelace, Pink Campion and Buttercups. Gardens have been no less disappointing with Wisteria, Clematis, Tulips and Pirus to name just a few. Of them all the Bluebells are the most special as they were my mum’s favourites and remind me of her. Each time I see them it’s like getting a nod on our way from mum, I know she would be very proud to see us on our bikes – and of Toby turning 18 (and Katie growing up fast too).

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