Dipping our wheels

There is a tradition for coast to coast cyclists to dip their bike wheels in the sea a the start and finish of the trip. When I say it’s a tradition, what I mean is Mike tells me it is a tradition (and who am I to doubt him?!). Finding enough Irish Sea to dip our wheels in at Morecambe was a bit of a challenge. It was low tide when we set off, so reaching the water’s edge would have been challenging even without cycling shoes and bikes to carry. We made do with a rock pool and dutifully dipped our wheels. Now 170 (and a bit) miles later, the dipping was much easier – the North Sea was in plentiful supply. We decided that this time we would throw caution to the wind by removing our shoes and socks so we could bathe our feet as well as our wheels. What the holidaymakers made of these odd cyclists offering up their bikes to Neptune we’ll never know.

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