Oh to be beside the seaside

As part of our training for the ride between Chicago and Washington DC later next month we’re spending this weekend doing a sea to sea ride. Our starting point is Morecambe and out final destination is Bridlington.

To be honest we’ve been wanting to visit Morecambe for sometime, not for the scenery, cockles or even the statue of Eric Morecambe – but rather to visit the restored Art Deco Midland Hotel. Originally built in 1933 by the London Midland & Scotland Railway Company, the Streamline Moderne style was the height of fashion.


The hotel was furnished with sculptures by Eric Gill. Sadly the fortunes of the hotel dwindled, first requisitioned by the navy during WWII, then neglected under the nationalised railway, the hotel finally closes in 1993 and sadly fell victim to vandalism. For several years it was at risk of demolition (the fate of the splendid Morecambe Lido neighbouring the Midland), but campaigners and forward thinking developers Urban Splash successfully rescued and restored the hotel, re opening it in 2008. So there could hardly be a more fitting place to begin our mini-break. Before we embark on three days of Lycra clad exploration, we’re enjoying dinner watching the sun set over Morecambe Bay, a pianist serenading us and, just for a moment, pretending we’re in an episode of Poirot.




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