We made it

The sun has shone on us for three whole days – really adding to the pleasure of riding the Way of the Roses coast to coast route. We went a bit off course in the middle due to the visit to see my brother and his family and the unfortunate mechanical issue with Mike’s bike. All that means we probably did nearer 200 miles rather than the 170 of the official route. We started today in front of York Minster and made our way through lovely undulating countryside through the Yorkshire Wolds and the East Riding until we reached Bridlington – our final destination. The sun even made Bridlington look attractive, with is seaside amusements, tat shops, fast food and ice scream shops – but I don’t think I’ll be hurrying back any time soon. We’re on a train to Sheffield now where we’ll change onto one to Bristol. It’s sad to have finished this trip, but exciting to think that in just over 20 days the next C to C begins – that’s Chicago to Washington DC!


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