Bike bugs

IMG_3302Yesterday was a lovely cycle ride from Morecambe to Skipton, lovely scenery from the beach, along the River Lune, up over moor and down dale – all accompanied by spring sunshine. In fact it was all going too well. We climbed a steep ascent out of Settle and then has a great undulating run until about five miles from Skipton – then the gremlins struck. Mike’s gear got stuck, he was able to climb easily, but as soon as he was on the flat he just couldn’t get up any speed and his little legs were spinning like crazy. We managed to keep going and at a steady pace, but it was slow and a wrong turn from me meant we ended up cycling on the (very fast) bypass instead of the scenic route through the centre of Skipton. We got to my brother’s just in time for a quick shower before going out to celebrate my nephew Toby’s 18th birthday with a curry, (the traditional dish of Yorkshire!). This morning Mike cycled his bike to an open bike shop in Keighley, but they didn’t have the part he needed so he’s headed to Ilkley where there is a cycle shop open with the part he requires. I’m going to pack my bags and then head over to Ilkley to meet him, by which time I hope the bike will be fixed and we’ll be able to progress on our way to York our next destination.IMG_3307

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