A message from Chicago

This e-mail message came in from Bonnie this morning:

Visiting Chicago

Great to hear from you and am glad you made it to Rochester safely. Frank and I enjoyed having you both as our guests and regretted that the visit was so short. Please come back.

The camping was really great. It was sponsored by the Chicago Park District and we had brand new North Face tents to use. We all got to practice archery and fishing … fish were actually caught (and thrown back) which my four grandsons enjoyed immensely. They had never fished before. There was also a storyteller, S’mores, and the campfire with the city skyline in the background.

Thanks so much for the generous gift, the coasters. I did share them with Frank, and you are right…they match my new tile beautifully. So glad you made it to the Robie House. Stay safe and I will be checking in on the blog periodically.

Bonnie and Frank

That’s really sweet. I’m glad the coasters were shared with Frank, I was even going to suggest sharing them in my card, but that seemed a bit presumptuous. Camping out that night must have been amazing – it was warm and there was a huge ‘super’ moon casting a silver light everywhere. When we came back from the concert in Millennium Park we heard fireworks going off from somewhere behind the apartment building – we wondered if that was happening at the campsite. It was around 10 I think.

Thanks again to Bonnie and Frank who were exemplary, kind, generous, considerate, informative Warm Showers hosts. You both go up there among the very best – and that’s an increasingly competitive place to be!

1 thought on “A message from Chicago

  1. I was a bit slow on the uptake and have only just realised the significance of Warm Showers and that Bonnie and Frank were not old (but new found) friends. What a great organisation. Makes me wish I were a cyclist myself!

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