Missing my breakfast mate

Breakfast in the USA, like almost every other meal seems to be dominated by sweet things. Cereals, waffles, muffins, pastries and (a little bit of) fruit are in abundance. Now I like a fruity bun in the morning as much as the next guy – but the relentless sweet-fest first thing in the morning is becoming a bit of a bore. I can’t wait to get back to the UK for a nice slice of Marmite on toast – the uniquely British salty savoury breakfast condiment. They say you either love or hate Marmite, I’m definitely in the love camp. It’s not just breakfasts that are sweet here – when you go into the supermarket and start reading the ingredients on packets you’d be hard pushed to find anything that doesn’t contain corn-syrup. It’s really not surprising that there are so many fat people in the US, bad food combined to an obsession with driving everywhere has resulted in an obesity epidemic, It’s a worrying trend we’re also starting to see in the UK. I think the Americans could do with weening off their sweet tooth, and ‘my mate, Marmite’ could be just the thing to do it!


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