Not so grand

As with previous US cycle trips we’ve been splitting our accommodation between Warm Showers (WS) – the network of touring cyclist and friends of touring cyclists (some hosts are not even riders) and hotels/motels. The WS hosts have been great without fail, we’ve met some lovely people. The hotels on the other hand have been hit and miss. The first hotel in Rochester was OK, fairly basic but clean. Their laundry room closed at 10 pm for some inexplicable reason. The only exception to the cleanliness was the advertised pool, which clearly had a serious problem with the filtration system. Hotel number two in Muncie was actually nice. Unfortunately, hotel number three really bummed. The Dayton Grand sounded so promising, I had visions of an old downtown hotel in a traditional style. What we got instead with a lot of faded grandeur with dodgy pipes, (they had to move us to another room with hot water), Wi-fi that kept cutting out, no in-hotel laundry and no soya milk. The staff were equally hopeless sending us on a wild goose chase to find a laundry that we never found. The problem with booking hotels online in advance is that the pictures can look nice, but the reality is sometimes far removed. On things for sure my TripAdvisor comments on the Dayton Grand will not be positive!

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