London calling

It’s been a British kind of cycling day today – first the customer service at the Dayton Grand was very British, (in a not very helpful sort of way) and not what we’re used to in the USA. Then we cycled through London, not our London clearly, but a very pleasant town just over halfway between Dayton and Columbus. It didn’t look very British – rather quintessentially Midwestern USA, lots of timber buildings with pretty porches, but they had a fab welcome sign as the trail entered town, we had to stop and take pictures. The thing that really made it feel British today though was the weather. It was in the 80s again for most of the day but at about 65 miles as we approached Columbus a storm broke and boy did it rain. Fortunately we had rain coats and lights so a quick stop to don those and we carried on. It’s always a bit nerve racking riding in the rain after a long warm spell a) the roads can be quite slippy so you can fall over and b) often bits of glass and metal get floated to the surface making punctures much more likely. We were lucky that neither happened. The rain continued pretty much all the way to Columbus but unlike British rain it was very warm and so a bit like cycling in a warm shower. I did ponder stripping off and doing a mini naked bike ride into town, but my British reserve kicked in and I refrained.

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