Groundhog Day

It turns out today’s riding was a bit like yesterday’s with more miles of great Rail to Trail routes – although we weren’t awoken by the sound of Sonny and Cher singing ‘I got you babe’. We did, however, become a bit wiser about local wildlife. Yesterday I mentioned that we had been in a close encounter with what we thought was a beaver, well it turns out we were wrong. Clearly I wouldn’t know a beaver if it hit me in the face – or in our case ran parallel to us for 100 feet. Whilst talking to a group of women visiting the Wright brothers’ Heritage Centre in Dayton earlier today we described our close encounter with the furry friend. They knew instantly that this was not a beaver – silly us – but rather a groundhog! These women clearly know their beavers from their groundhogs better than us. Of course now we know it was a groundhog we’re kind of wishing we stopped and set it some kind of test to predict the weather for the remainder of our vacation. Sadly not only are we not beaver spotters but we’re not Bill Murray and Andi McDowell either!

5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. It was a pleasure to meet both of you yesterday. We all enjoyed hearing about your travels on bike! Also glad we could help you determine the type of critter you encountered (groundhog)! But where is the picture we took of the two of you in front of Wright Brothers Cycle Shop? :) :) Will continue to follow you to D.C.!!

    • Hi Angie, the picture is coming up very soon. Mike’s just finishing his blog summary of yesterday – the Wright Bros Cycle works and meeting you all will feature prominently! Best wishes, Matthew

      • Wonderful! Just curious if the pictures are ok. We were talking so much as my cousin was taking your picture, didn’t know if they were blurry or not…….:) :) Chatty women, it’s in our DNA. :)

      • Angie, the picture is up now. Sorry we were hopeless at remembering all your names – perhaps you can tell us who’s who. Best wishes Matthew

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