Show you love them … with a bicycle

It isn’t going to come as a surprise to anyone who knows us that we love bicycles! Why else would we choose to spend our holidays cycling nearly 900 miles across the USA, when most people would take a plane, train, bus or drive a car? The bicycle is wonderful on so many levels, so it’s great to meet people who also think so, too, and to see the best form of transportation represented in their home decor.

Bonnie has a little selection of bike books and guides, held up by a lovely pair of bicycle bookends. The splendid meal she and Frank prepared for us on our first night was accompanied by equally delightful table napkins adorned with bicycles. Best of all though, was the lovely bike pendant that Bonnie wears – given to her by Frank for Christmas. When someone gives you a bike, (in whatever form) you know it has to be love!

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