Jolly hockey, umm – skyscrapers

After dinner last night Bonnie took us up to the 23rd floor of her apartment building (Museum Place) to see the residents’ gym, community room and open-air rooftop pool – all with fantastic views across the city downtown skyline and Lake Michigan. You’ll note from the picture that one of the office buildings has the supportive message ‘Lets go Hawks’. The Hawks in question are the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team. Currently they are head-to-head in the Stanley Cup finals against the Boston Bruins. Obviously, my knowledge of USA Ice Hockey is pretty limited, but from what I can work out the finals appear to comprise a series of matches alternating between the competing teams’ home stadiums. The next round of this battle takes place in Chicago this evening – hence the message on the skyscraper. I wonder if similar encouraging Bristolian messages would improve our local football teams performances back in Bristol? Perhaps ‘Come on my babbas’ or ‘You’re gurt lush City’ might look good on the side of the Colston Tower or former Bristol and West building? The way they’re going anything is worth a try!

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