We have followers!

As Mike has mentioned previously, we’ve been amazed by the number of hits the blog has been getting every day. Today we were even more amazed by something. As we cycled away from Roberto’s house into Portland city centre on our way towards Neskowin, a cyclist came up beside me and said ‘Hi Matthew, where are you cycling today?’ – I was gobsmacked, how did she know my name? I said “We’re riding to San Diego”, she said “I know that. But where are you going today?” The cyclist in question turned out to be Lisa, one of the very kind people who had responded to our last-minute pleas for accommodation in Portland. She’d been reading our blog and recognised us from the photos. What is the chance of running into someone like that? Pretty slim I’d have thought.

Anyway, we stopped and chatted for a bit. It was great to get to meet Lisa and thank her in person for her offer of accommodation. Our appreciation and gratitude of Warm Showers just keeps growing.

4 thoughts on “We have followers!

  1. Hi Mathew and Mike,
    Just wanted to say am enjoying the blog very much. Especially as I read it to Joe every day and we have a great chat about where you are in America.
    Take Care

    • Glad you’re enjoying it and that it’s a useful communication tool for you and Joe – ironically it’s the reverse for us as we’re too busy typing into our iPhones to talk to one another! Thankfully we’re able to talk and cycle.

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