Donkeying around, Thursday 5 August

Written by Matthew

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we have a lovely neighbour here at our holiday cottage – Donkey. He (well I think it’s a he although I haven’t looked too closely) is a very friendly soul, and always trots over to say hello when we drive up or pop outside. I’ve had a brief chat with him, but I’m usually too distracted wrestling Jojo away from Donkey to have any meaningful conversations.

On our return home this evening, Mike went to have a chat with Donkey. Mike’s been very worried about Donkey – all alone in the field in all weathers – so much so that he insisted that I write in the visitors book a suggestion that they find Donkey a permanent companion (I’m sure Jojo would apply for that position). Anyway, as soon as we parked the car Mike went into the cottage to get some apple and carrots then went to have a bit of quality time with Donkey.

Sweet Donkey

Meanwhile, I was getting the dogs out of the car. Both Jojo and Zoly were attached to their leads, but as I took them into the cottage Jojo’s lead slipped from my hand and seizing the moment, she was off – hurtling at high-speed towards Donkey. Donkey didn’t seem much phased by this woofing jabbering bundle of fluff. He’s probably enjoying the attention unaware of her (less than innocent) true intentions!

I’m in panic I quickly took action to make sure Zoly stayed in the cottage and wasn’t tempted to join Jojo in the donkey-baiting. I grabbed the front door to pull it closed. Click. Damn, I’ve locked the cottage door with Zoly inside. I ask Mike if he still has the front door key? Mike says that he put it on the kitchen table when he went in to fetch the carrot and apple for Donkey. We were locked out. We were locked out again – this is the second time this week! But worse than last time, Zoly is inside and probably starting to suffer from separation anxiety already.

Fortunately, Jojo was so transfixed by Donkey thar she was quickly back securely in my hand and led away to give Donkey some peace. As for rescuing Zoly, as luck would have it, Mike had left the front window open, so thanks to his nimble and agile manoeuvres (despite a very sore back) he was in through that window in seconds and we were in again.

Easy does it

Perhaps a second career as a burglar or gymnast in the seniors-Olympics beckons!

All safely gathered in

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