Sir Elton would not be amused

Last week as we cycled out of Columbus Ohio I couldn’t avoid seeing the giant advertisements along the road for a local radio station called ‘Oldies’ – clearly targeting a certain demographic. The cover boy for this particular advertisement campaign was not other than our own Sir Elton John (or as he’s known back in England, Reg Dwight). I pondered the irony in this choice as Elton seems to have spent most of the last few years trying to defy the ageing process be it by hair replacement surgery or marrying a man many years younger than himself, I’m not sure he’d like to see a 12 foot image of himself plastered across the road alongside the slogan ‘oldies’! It was quite a busy road, so I didn’t fancy stopping to take a picture so you’ll just have to use your imagination. I did, however, notice another oldies radio station advertises in Cumberland, clearly it’s a growing target market here in the USA – Reg will always have some to listen too when he’s here.

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