A very British affair

Our ride yesterday and today has taken us closer to the east coast, as we’ve cycled along you notice the architecture changing. Some of the buildings look older – well by USA standards – and certainly more familiar. The architectural style resembles elements of Georgian buildings that we have in Bristol and Bath. Sash windows, columns, porticos are all quite common around here, however the materials used are very American. Most of them are constructed from wood and painted white or pretty colours, all very pleasant. The style of buildings are not the only familiar sight on our travels today – we saw roundabouts (or traffic circles as they call them in the USA). The Americans love their roads but much prefer cross roads and flyovers to these weird European round things that get in the way of the traffic. So uncommon are they that traffic circles here are often accompanied by signs telling drivers how to use them, for example, ‘yield to traffic on circle’ (we would say give way) and arrows telling drivers which way to drive around them. This is quite a contrast to the UK where roundabouts are common and liked to the degree that there are actually groups that campaign for roundabouts and who take care of existing ones with planting and art installations . We must have seen about ten roundabouts along our route today (unfortunately they weren’t as pretty as European ones) – fortunately we managed to go around them all the correct way.

1 thought on “A very British affair

  1. We like them and hope for more of them for the reasons you describe, I enjoy every now and again taking a loop or two around, especially on bike. While riding as a family, my kids see one coming and soundly say, “No!” or “Don’t even think about it, dad!” as they will have to endure it.

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