Between the Sheetz

Two years ago when Mike and I cycled down the west coast of the USA we were regular customers at Safeway’s supermarkets and Starbuck’s coffee shops. These suited our needs a) because they had a reasonable choice of vegi food and b) they had free wifi, (ideal for updating the blog). Unfortunately Safeway doesn’t really have much of a presence in the mid west/eastern board of the USA and we’re boycotting Starbuck’s due to their habit of not paying their taxes in the UK. This and the fact that Mike is now vegan has made finding feed stops on this trip a bit more challenging. Thankfully, as soon as we arrived in Pennsylvania our task was made a bit simpler by their discovery of Sheetz. These stores are really just petrol-station shops, but they have a self-order deli system where you use screens to choose your own burger, wrap, sub (what we call rolls) or salad – you can also add extras such as fries and onion rings. This system works well for Mike, since he can choose only the vegan content – sorted. The only trouble comes when he forgets that hot and spicy foods give him the hiccups – steer clear of the jalapeño peppers Mike – hick!

2 thoughts on “Between the Sheetz

    • Well that is a very good question Martin!!! We’re 30 miles from Frederick – then it’s 35 to Mike’s. We might stop in Frederick if Mike and Mike’s legs can’t take the pace!

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