Fallingwater (as opposed to falling over)

After my numerous tumbles yesterday it seems to be appropriate to be visiting a landmark with the word ‘falling’ in the tittle. I am of course referring to Fallingwater, the house designed in 1936 by Frank Lloyd Wright as the holiday home for the Kaufmann family.

The house is a national monument in the USA and considered by many architects to be one of the finest modernist buildings ever built. It is also the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in public ownership with its entire furniture, grounds and artwork intact, (the house was gifted to a conservancy by the family in 1963). We didn’t even know the house was here until I spotted it marked on a cycling map as I plotted our holiday route a few months ago. Once we knew we’d be passing, it would have been crazy to miss the opportunity to visit, so I took the decision to book us on an 8.30 am in-depth tour of the house. Mike was a bit aghast at the cost of this tour (£138), but I though, how many times are we going to be cycling (or driving) past Fallingwater? – Not often was my answer, so that justified the expense. We were not disappointed. My words can’t really do justice to the house and how it sits in the surrounding landscape so I’ll leave that to some pictures.

5 thoughts on “Fallingwater (as opposed to falling over)

  1. The first photo of falling water looks amazing. Also nice to see you’ve had decent weather, as there seemed to be some showers forecast. Miles today?

    • We got the showers too I’m afraid – we cycled to Fallingwater in the rain but fortunately it had cleared up by the time we finished the tour and set off – still warm thought!

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