Blog widow

There is a familiar phrase that is heard in our house – a phrase uttered almost exclusively by Michael. It goes something like this ‘you’re always glued to your iPad/iPhone’. It’s a fair-cop, I admit it. I cannot sit still without having something to do – these devices give me the perfect opportunity to multi-task. However, I think that the next time this phrase is used on me I will be whipping out the holiday snaps I’ve been taking. So much for quiet moments together sharing our thoughts of the days ride. No chance. Every opportunity he has, Mike is blogging – recording in meticulous detail the events of out trip. I hope the attention to detail is appreciated by you, dear reader, and perhaps by some Hollywood scout on the hunt for the next road trip movie idea!

3 thoughts on “Blog widow

  1. I once got my BlackBerry out when lying next to Derek in bed,who had been emailing for an hour or so in bed. I emailed him and asked him to please turn his blackberry off, turn the light off and go to sleep!

  2. Hi Mike and Matthew, we meet you at the Xenia Station today and enjoyed talking with you. We were the old guys and my Grandson Taylor. He was so happy to chat with you that he wanted to leave his life behind and follow in your foot steps of course he was just kidding. We will follow your travels. Stay safe. Bill

    • Hi Bill, it was great to meet you – thanks for your message. Taylor would have been welcome to tag along! Can you remind us of the name of the Ohio Bike race/tours that you’re involved with – they sound really interesting and we wanted to look them up online but we forgot what you called them! If you’re ever in the UK do look us up. Best wishes Matthew and Mike

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