The Great British Bike-Bake Off

I enjoy cooking, and I’ve always been a fan-oven user, (and I’ve never been disappointed with the results), but I have never considered combining my love of baking with my love of biking – until now. Cycling yesterday from Chicago, Illinois to Rochester, Indiana was absolutely roasting. We set off fairly early (about 8.30 am) but even at that time of day the heat was already tipping 70F. Riding the first section along Lake Michigan was a relief as the breeze off the water kept things more bearable. Unfortunately as we turned eastwards inland the dial on the thermometer just kept rising. For most of the day the temperature was in the 80s and extremely humid. As we headed south east we were riding most of the 126 miles into a headwind (bar the last 35). Headwinds are normally pretty soul destroying for the cyclist, this one was to a degree, but heaven knows how hot we would have been without the breeze. The ride felt a bit like cycling through a giant fan oven. We had to drink lots of liquids to keep us going, some with energy powders to replace the salts we lost through sweat and all (wherever possible) with ice. I am beginning to seriously appreciate the value of ice machines! One thing is for sure, cycling 12hrs at 80 degrees certainly results in firm buns and a golden finish!


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