It’s in the bag

Three days to go before we set off on our latest cycling adventure. No matter how many time I promise to be very, very organised, there always seems to be a long ‘to do’ list of things to finish off right up to the last-minute (holiday insurance, email our those hosting us, cat feeding rota etc). At least this time I’ve packed my bike into its traveling case with at least two whole days spare.

On our last trip to the USA I recall us doing this into the late hours the night before we flew. It’s actually quite fun traveling through the airport with these unusual shaped bags, you get lots of funny looks and the odd inquiry. I recall at Heathrow a little child was staring at our case and imagined what was going through her mind – perhaps she though we were taking a thin baby elephant on holiday with us! The heart pounding moment comes when you have to hand your precious cargo into the over-sized luggage check in. Just for a moment the ‘will I ever see my beloved bike again’ thought flashes across your mind. Fingers crossed (actually cross everything) our bikes have made it there and back again before so I hope they will again. With a fair wind we’ll be putting them back together again in Chicago before we know it.

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