The scores on the doors

What with the mechanical incidents and unplanned train journeys, we haven’t cycled as far as we thought we would on this holiday. We’re about 300 miles short of what we’d expected, but nevertheless we’ve still managed over 600 mile in the saddle over two weeks – quite a leisurely holiday for us really! Here are the final numbers:

Bristol – Potters Bar (121 miles)
Potters Bar – Harwich (74 miles)
Harwich – Hook van Holland (ferry)
Hook van Holland – Rotterdam (18 miles)
Rotterdam – Venlo (train)
Venlo – Maastricht (45 miles)
Maastricht – Liege (return) (37 miles)
Maastricht – Seraing (return) (47 miles)
Maastrict – Tournai (111 miles)
Tournai – Ghent (38 miles)
Ghent – Brugge (26 miles)
Brugge – Rotterdam (90 miles)
Rotterdam – Hook van Holland (18 miles)
Hook van Holland – Harwich (ferry)
Harwich – London (train)
London – Bristol (train)

Total 625 miles

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