Warm thanks to our Warm Showers hosts

I know I keep going on about Warm Showers (the touring cycling hosting group) but it is fab and the hosts we’ve stayed with have helped make our holiday really special. This post is a special blog post to thank everyone who has welcomed us on out travels over the past week.
To Lisa, Stuart, Gwen and Sadie who looked after us on our first and our final night (tonight). Wendy, Tim and Hannah in Venlo who fed us fantastic vegan meals and taught us how to use the Dutch cycle network numbers. Melanie in Tournai even gave up her bed to accommodate us and roamed the streets to find us when we went to the wrong address in a next street. Johan in Brugge took us on an impromptu tour of the film sets from ‘In Brugge’ and gave us helpful directions about the route along the canal to the Netherlands. Finally Emmy and Robert greeted us with an unexpected BBQ beside the lake near their apartment with their friends. To all our Warm Showers friends, we thank you and hope we can repay your kindness if you visit Bristol one day.


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