Bike bingo

To find our way to Floriade today we decided to follow the Dutch version (much better version) of the national cycle network. The knooppunt network (roughly translates as number point) consists of a whole series of numbered map points, each signed to the next nearest ones. So to get to a certain destination you simply work out which number knooppunts you need to pass through, follow those numbers and bingo, you’ll never get lost! To get from central venue (number 10) we followed (legs) number 11, (one click) number 6, 83 (I don’t think bingo numbers go that high, but if they did it could be ‘a fat knee – 83’) and finally number 1 (Kelly’s eye). As you’d expect in the Netherlands it was mainly segregated cycle route, beautifully signed and as you arrived at Floriade you’re greeted by beautiful wild flower verges and a secure staffed cycle park – a bit like the equivalent of winning a bingo line and a house all in one go!

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