Spoke too soon #2

Well it turns out that the annoying squeak on my bike is being caused by three broken spokes on the rear wheel. This isn’t great news when you’re planning to cycle about 125 miles today! On a more positive note, at least we discovered this whilst in Rotterdam and not stranded in the middle of nowhere. The Tourist Office directed us to a nearby workshop, but unfortunately it won’t be fixed until 2pm, so cycling to Venlo has turned into a train journey. A quick trip to Rotterdam Central Station (currently being rebuilt – it looks like its going to be fab when it’s finished) and our tickets are purchased. Mike commented that he couldn’t imaging a Dutch person going to Bristol Temple Meads Station to ask for a ticket to somewhere like Leicester to be greeted by a member of staff fluent in Dutch. They would however be met with lots of cycle parking, a bit like this picture of the cycle park at Rotterdam Central – except this is just the overflow cycle park!


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